Sometimes 1's and 0's aren't just 1's and 0's. Sometimes, you can find the soul in digital music. This is innuos. 

Founded in 2009 to "upend conventional thinking about digital music", Innuos has done just that. With a team of hardware, software, and networking engineers every Innuos product is made end-to-end by real audiophiles just like you. 

Outside of the hardware, Innuos understands the varying needs of each and every customer, and is constantly developing their products to serve everyone. This means ROON integration, a bespoke music streaming Operating System, and integration with any music service you might be using. 

"Innuos products elevate music enjoyment by offering true audiophile performance. We believe remarkably high-quality audio and ease-of-use are essential parts of any memorable music experience. Through precise matching of bespoke hardware and in-house developed software, Innuos music servers, streamers and more, continue to prove that digital music sources can still be pushed to new levels."