Qualiton A20i


Small tubes with a beautiful warmth and minimal design, a perfect entry into tube nirvana.

The Qualiton A20i is a Stereo, Class-A integrated amplifier featuring push-pull circuitry. The rated power output of the appliance is 20 W at the most, each side. The outputs at the rear panel can be connected to 8 Ω nominal impedance speakers. The design of the output transformers of the power amp enable to connect the amp with 4 Ω nominal impedance speakers as well. This entails a slight deviation from the parameters indicated in the technical data sheet.

At the front panel, the volume control potentiometer and the input selector rotary switch are connected to the same shaft. Indicators informing about the actual state of the amp are located at the front panel too. It can be monitored whether the appliance is ready for operation (if so, the LED next to the volume control turns from red to white light). The user is also informed about the actual position of the input selector unit. The amp is made of solid, 1.5 mm thick, polished stainless steel sheet.

“So, what are our eastern block audio engineers sending you for $4995.00 MSRP? The Audio Hungary Qualiton A20i is that type of amplifier that hits that price point above entry-level tube amps and below megabuck tube amps.

Sonically, I think it lives up to its price point, delivering a solid tube experience. It definitely isn’t dry or analytical like some megabuck tube amps, but it also isn’t as syrupy as some tube amplifiers I’ve heard. The Audio Hungary Qualiton strikes a good balance between these two extremes in my opinion.”

— Part Time Audiophile

Rated output power

2 x 20 W, stereo

•Total harmonic distortion

< 0.3% (f = 1 kHz, rated output power)

• Frequency response

25 Hz - 100 kHz (-3 dB, rated output power)

• Input sensitivity

230 mV, unbalanced input

• Number of input ports

3 unbalanced input per channel

• Number of output ports

1 output terminal pair per channel

• Gain

+34.8 dB

• Input impedance

10 kOhm

• Nominal load impedance

8 Ohm

• Output polarity


• Signal-to-noise ratio

> 90 dB; output noise less, than 1 mV

• Power requirements

150 W

• Tubes required

4 x 5881; 2 x E88CC/6922; 2 x ECC83

• Weight

16 kg

• Dimensions

27 x 18 x 30 cm

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