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SwissCables RCA Interconnects

Swisscables – signal- and power-products – incorporate latest generation metallurgy, application specific, field-optimizing conductor geometry, premium connectors and novel microdistortion-free insulation technologies whose sonic benefits cannot be achieved with the materials employed in the majority of high end cables available today, whatever their price. Made in Switzerland in conformity with modern eco-standards.


Price ranges start at $1050 for a 100cm pair in the Evolution Series up to $3850 in the Diamond Series.

Additional 0.5M = $110 Evolution, $170 Reference and $390 Diamond

Swisscables: Elements that all 3 ranges have in common

We use only first-grade materials and all cables have UP-OCC solid core conductors of latest generation metallurgy and special copper alloy. The wire is manufactured continuous cast which means very, very slowly, just a few centimeters per minute. Already a stressless production is very important!

Then we wrap the wire in a very light natural fibre of about 2 g per meter before the individual geometry is made. Every cable has its own geometry according to the cable length required. No production from rolls as it’s usually done.

After that the wire network is introduced in a flexible tube so that only air is around the conductors. This microdistortion-free air-dielectric is best we can have for a natural sound. And also thanks to the geometry it never happens that both conductors can touch the flexible tube at the same time.

Also very important: no artificial material near the conductors!

And for our premium plugs we use wood wherever possible which is a very good resonator.

No shrink tubes as they influence the sound too.The only exception is for evolution speaker cables for reasons of economy.

All cables are fully handmade in Switzerland!

Characteristic features of the different ranges are not only the dimensions with corresponding geometry but also the connectors improved over the years.

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