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Amadeus 254 GT by Well Tempered Lab


No, not that kind of GT. Even better. The Amadeus 254 GT is one of Well Tempered Lab’s top of the line turntables, and is unequivocally the ultimate Amadeus. With an outboard power supply and speed control, noise from your outputs is reduced to the highest degree, and its dual layer ply and aluminum isolated plinth ensure vibrations are almost non-existent.

Amadeus 254 GT: The most insightful and alive sounding Amadeus, ever.

Review by Part Time Audiophile- “I would not hesitate to give this turntable, tonearm and combination my strongest BUY recommendation. A job well done, on a grand scale!”


-Dual multilayer plywood plinth encapsulated in Aluminium.

- Squash ball isolation between top and bottom plinth layers.

- LTD tonearm.

- CTRL Electronic Speed Control for 33 1/3 to 45 RPM switching.

- Balanced and Single Ended outputs isolated from plinth and motor.

- Well Tempered Lab unique bearing and polyester thread belt for vanishingly low wow and flutter.

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