Anthem MCA 225 GEN 2 Power Amplifier

$1,954.99 $2,299.99

Enhance your audio experience with Anthem's latest MCA Series GEN 2 power amplifiers, meticulously crafted in Canada to elevate your home entertainment. Pairing seamlessly with the cutting-edge AVM 90 and 70 A/V Processors, the MCA 525, MCA 325, and MCA 225 GEN 2 amplifiers are available in 5, 3, and 2-channel configurations, delivering unparalleled power and reliability.

Benefit from lower total harmonic distortion (THD) and reduced noise, ensuring a pristine audio backdrop. Anthem amplifiers boast custom low-noise high-power toroidal transformers, high-current bipolar output transistors, and advanced power supply regulators for exceptional performance. Experience audiophile-quality sound with our superior craftsmanship, featuring oversized aluminum heatsinks, custom-designed dual binding posts, and patented auto-on/off circuitry. 

Discover enhanced audio performance with the MCA GEN 2 series, featuring a streamlined circuit path that minimizes internal cabling for optimal purity. Benefit from improved transparency, thanks to low-flux toroidal transformers and enhanced input transistors, ensuring clarity even with dynamically complex content.

Furthermore, we've elevated key performance metrics such as power bandwidth and slew rate. Achieving a remarkable signal-to-noise ratio of 120 dB, background noise becomes virtually non-existent, delivering an immersive experience of pure and natural sound reproduction. Elevate your audio journey with the advanced technology and superior performance of the MCA GEN 2 series.

Experience Anthem's exclusive ALM™ technology, a groundbreaking feature that continually monitors internal temperature, current, and voltage to ensure the secure and uninterrupted long-term operation of your amplifier. With ALM™, the need for internal fuses is eliminated, enhancing safety and reliability.

ALM™ operates discreetly, never interfering with the signal path. It activates instantly only in extreme circumstances, safeguarding your amplifier and speakers from potential damage. The latest generation of ALM™ significantly reduces the likelihood of a line fuse blowing during over-current conditions. In the event of a fault, unaffected channels continue to play, and normal operation resumes automatically once conditions stabilize.

Stay informed about your amplifier's status with the LED on the front panel, providing constant confirmation. Trust in ALM™ technology for a worry-free and protected audio experience.

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