Audionet AMP Monoblocks


The Audionet AMP amplifiers are a testament to audio engineering excellence, renowned for their exquisite sonic characteristics. With a remarkable blend of power and finesse, the Audionet AMP amplifiers deliver a captivating listening experience. They exhibit exceptional clarity, precision, and transparency, rendering music with stunning detail and realism. The bass is authoritative and controlled, the midrange exhibits lush warmth and naturalness, and the highs sparkle with crispness and precision. Whether you're an audiophile seeking unparalleled sound quality or a music enthusiast craving a transformative audio journey, Audionet AMP amplifiers stand as a symbol of sonic perfection, making them a compelling choice for your audio system.

In 34 years of listening to high end audio gear, I have never heard an amp at this price point that can deliver the performance of the Audionet AMP Monoblocks.  

"The new Audionet AMP high performance power amplifiers are true mono-blocks that combine remarkable sound potential with high-end technical possibilities. A pair of blockbusters for real connoisseurs."


Air plays a vital role in the AMP mono-blocks. Firstly, they require space to allow the dissipation of generated heat. Additionally, air contributes to the sound experience, presenting every beat and acoustic detail with transparent spatiality, as if immersed in pure air. Weighing 22 kilograms, the two Monoblock's outputs ensure maximum airiness and vivid rendition, potentially evoking emotional responses in sensitive listeners.


The AMPs operate with captivating ease, showcasing acoustic permeability, tonal accuracy, and impressive macro- and micro-dynamical precision. The musical reproduction is transparent, airy, and colorful, maintaining a pleasingly relaxed ambiance.

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The ULA demonstrates remarkable efficiency and precision, making even the sound properties of components and materials distinctly audible. Consequently, every crucial sound point in the AMP is exclusively equipped with top-tier components sourced globally, some of which are customized for Audionet. Notably, the 47,000 µF filter capacitors are crafted to our specifications by specialists in the USA.

Featuring a silk dielectric, our high audiograde electrolytic capacitors originate from Japan, while our low-loss capacitors are made from mica, a silicate manufactured on demand in India and China. We utilize carefully selected high-current foil capacitors with minimal loss, high-quality silver-gold alloys for internal wiring, and premier connector systems from Furutech.

Furthermore, throughout the manufacturing process of each mono-block, all relevant components undergo meticulous rechecking, precise measurement, and careful matching to ensure optimal performance.
To ensure channel separation, the AMP pair is meticulously crafted as mono amplifiers, offering stable and interference-free performance.

The magnetically and capacitatively optimized assembly of the mono-blocks effectively eliminates feedback from electrical interference and prevents reciprocal influences between amplification channels during the process. Additionally, signal paths are minimized and thus free of sound-impairing components such as coils, chokes, or relays.

Featuring RCA and XLR inputs, electronically switched via gold-plated precision relays, the AMPs boast a double-differential amplifier in the input stage. This configuration, with a low-noise, monolithic dual FET, ensures electrical independence of the end amplifiers from the input signal, avoiding harmful interaction with the power source.

The input stage is powered separately by an 80 VA toroid-core transformer, decoupled from the power stages by double bootstrapping. The output stage, equipped with six power MOSFETs and actively controlled bias current (0.6 A), utilizes a unique correction stage for real-time linearization of distortions. The low level of total distortion is barely detectable, even with sophisticated measuring methods. Supply voltages are rapidly stabilized by optimized discrete MOSFET regulators, sourced from an encapsulated 850-VA toroid-core transformer and two high-current capacitors with a total filtering capacity of 188,000 µF.

A microprocessor unit oversees all functions, monitoring DC, HF, temperature, and overload. In case of faults, it disconnects the AMP from the mains supply, with a large two-line display indicating fault sources in plain language. Remote activation via Audionet-Link and signal-dependent operation in three sensitivity ranges are possible optically. The control unit is separately powered by a transformer.

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