Audionet MAX Monoblock Amplifiers



The Audionet MAX amplifiers are a true revelation in audio excellence. Characterized by their exceptional transparency and unwavering precision, the Audionet Max amplifiers deliver a sonic experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. With a remarkable ability to unravel the finest details within the music, they offer an expansive soundstage that immerses listeners in a three-dimensional sonic landscape. The Audionet Max amplifiers effortlessly handle the most demanding audio passages, delivering a refined and controlled bass response, as well as a lush, airy midrange and sparkling high frequencies. If you seek an amplifier that embodies the pinnacle of audio sophistication and fidelity, the Audionet Max is an unrivaled masterpiece that will elevate your listening experience to new heights.

"The at the same time diminutive and unsurpassable name of our majestic power amp reference reference MAX doesn’t just refer to the physical size of these gigantic mono block(s). But rather merrily evokes the ultimate high performance capabilities nature and our scientists – not exactly in this order – have endowed it with."


The MAX offers an exceptional blend of ease and precision, showcasing captivating tonal accuracy with remarkable macro- and micro-dynamical finesse. Its performance is marked by a harmonious balance of authority, musicality, and advanced technical specifications.

Utilizing sophisticated amplifier technology, the MAX achieves unprecedented linearity and loudspeaker control, distinguishing it from all other equipment in the market. Distortion is maintained at an exceptionally low level, virtually undetectable even under rigorous laboratory scrutiny. In summary, the MAX stands out for its superior loudspeaker control, with a user-friendly interface providing comprehensive insights on a wide-format display.

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The MAX mono-blocks showcase Audionet’s latest ULA (Ultra-Linear-Amplifier) technology, recognized internationally for its innovative circuitry. Originally developed for medical engineering, this intricate topology pushes the boundaries of current measuring techniques. Under challenging conditions, the MAX ensures nearly undetectable signal impurity, thanks to outstanding feedback damping, allowing loudspeakers to perform crisply at their capacity limits.

The MAX's efficiency and precision reveal even the subtle sound properties of components and materials. Each sound-critical point is exclusively fitted with globally sourced, high-quality components, often custom-made for Audionet. The High Audiograde electrolytic capacitors, featuring a silk dielectric, originate from Japan, while low-loss capacitors are crafted from mica, a silicate sourced from India and China.

In the manufacturing process, every mono-block undergoes meticulous checks, precise measurements, and optimal pairing of components to ensure top-notch performance. Selection includes high-current foil capacitors with minimal loss, silver-gold alloys for internal wiring, and premium connector systems from Furutech. The MAX’s fuses are even composed of rhodium and gold, adding to the overall quality of the product.
To ensure optimal channel separation, the MAX is meticulously designed as a mono amplifier. The assembly of the mono-blocks is magnetically and capacitatively optimized, effectively minimizing feedback from electrical interference and reciprocal influences between amplification channels. The robust aluminum cabinet eliminates undesirable subsonic noise effects.

To enhance high-frequency attributes and velocity, minimalization is prioritized. Signal paths are kept simple and free from sound-impairing components like coils, chokes, or power relays.

The MAX features RCA and XLR inputs, electronically switched via gold-plated precision relays. The input stage, configured as a cascaded and bootstrapped differential amplifier with a low-noise, monolithic dual FET, ensures electrical decoupling of end amplifiers from the input signal, preventing harmful interaction with the source. A double cascade separates the source signal from the driving and output stage, while a unique, cross-linked correction circuit locally linearizes distortion in real time. The input and driving stage each receive power from an oversized 80 VA toroid-core transformer with separate windings for positive and negative operating voltage.

The output stage boasts eight hand-selected power MOSFETs with actively controlled bias current (0.6 A). Rapidly stabilized supply voltage is ensured by optimized discrete MOSFET regulators. For optimal performance, the negative and positive operating voltage are completely decoupled. Two 1000-VA toroid-core transformers feed the positive and negative half-cycles of the mains, supported by four high-current capacitors totaling 156,000 uF for efficient filtering.

A microprocessor unit oversees functions and monitors DC, HF, temperature, and overload. In case of a fault, it disconnects the MAX from the mains. A large, two-line display provides plain text indications of fault sources. The Audionet-Link enables optical remote activation and signal-dependence in three sensitivity ranges. The control unit is powered by a separate transformer.

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