Innous Zen Mini MK3


The NEW Innuos ZEN Mini Mk3 music server is the perfect entry into the Innuos line up. The Mini excels as a music server and streamer, and will bring out the best in the music you love. Store both your CD collection and digital music collection in one spot with the included software Innuos 2.0, and enjoy seamless ROON integration. The ZENmini is a beautiful companion for many hi-fi and multi-room systems such as Sonos, Bluesound, and wireless/active speakers like the Kii Three.


Create a new, worthy home for your CD collection; discover new music through Innuos 2.0’s Qobuz and Tidal integration; and Re-discover the music you love. All this and more is combined in an amazingly small footprint, and offered at an entry level price.


The amount of options offered by Innuos is incredible- listen from Innuos 2.0, ROON, Qobuz, or Tidal. Upgrade your sound further with the addition of Innuos’ linear power supply- perfectly shaped to compliment the ZENmini. Choose what storage YOU need- 1 TB, 2 TB, all the way up to 8TB.


For us at Choice Audio, the Innuos line are the most significant products we have brought into the shop in the last 15 years. 98% of the time we send a demo unit out for home audition, the customer orders an Innuos unit. We have never ever had a product satisfy that high of percentage of customers before. Feel free to give us a call to order a unit for general information. 651-217-2083

HDD Options-

ZENmini 1TB- $1599

ZENmini 2TB- $1749

ZENmini 4TB- $1999

SSD Options-

ZENmini S 1TB- $2049

ZENmini S 2TB- $2299

ZENmini S 4TB- $2699

•Custom motherboard with dual ethernet ports - Optimization for audio performance and network passthrough to nearby network devices.

•Digital coaxial, Optical, and Analogue output stages.

•Optional Linear Power Supply upgrade

You can rip CDs in FLAC or WAV formats for optimum sound quality, and also play back AIFF, ALAC, AAC and MP3 files.

Streaming services supported are Spotify, TIDAL, and Qobuz, and Internet radio is also accessible.

The ZEN mini Mk3 has two 3.0 USB sockets for extra storage and back-up, as well as dual ethernet connections, allowing daisy chaining to Ethernet-connected DACs.

The optional standalone linear power supply, in the same case as the ZEN mini Mk3, provides better, cleaner power and improves sound quality.

As the only Innuos music server to have an onboard DAC, the ZEN mini Mk3 can be connected to any conventional stereo system via RCA/analogue inputs. So as well as adding stored digital music to an older system, it also brings streaming services too, bringing any older hi-fi system fully up to date.

For greater flexibility, an optical and coaxial digital outputs allows the ZEN mini Mk3 to be connected to a wider variety of DACs, home theatre receivers, or digitally equipped hi-fi amplifiers, for direct audio playback rather than relying on your local network or USB ports.

The custom 'innuOS' operating system includes software that makes it extremely easy to change or add metadata and artwork via any web browser on a desktop PC, or even a phone or tablet. Easy to use, versatile, and above all reliable.

The ZEN mini Mk3 is also Roon compatible, allowing it to function as part of a Roon ready system both as an endpoint, or as a Roon Core.

The metal casework of the ZEN mini provides proper sound insulation for quiet operation, and much better heat dissipation than conventional plastic cased NAS drives.

“The Zen Mini, however, was so enjoyable to have in the system that I’ll have to use it as a benchmark for everything else that comes along…

In other words, the Innuos Zen Mini Mk. III with the LPSU was the last hint I needed to enter a world without physical media, at least the digital kind. I see the path I need to travel with a little more clarity, and the Zen Mini is just the searchlight I needed.”

— Part-time Audiophile

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