KEF LS60 Wireless


Speaker. Streamer. Audio hub. The KEF LS60 Wireless does it all, and is a vision of future hi-fi. Uni-Q drivers and audiophile grade amplifiers pair together to create a cohesive “single source” listening experience.

The KEF LS60 Wireless

Maximal minimalism? The KEF LS60 Wireless packs an incredibly wide array of features into a slim and sleek design, and is completely wireless. The hub speaker houses RCA, HDMI, Optical, and even Coaxial inputs, along with a network connection via RJ45. Finally, each speaker has it’s own dedicated subwoofer output via RCA, with crossover control in the KEF app.

Despite the aforementioned subwoofer output, we would be hard pressed to say this pair of speakers need it. Reaching down to 26 Hz, bass is impactful yet balanced, and is delivered with confidence by four low frequency “Force Cancelling Drivers”, adorning both sides of the tower.

Overall, the LS60 Wireless offer an enticing all-in-one listening experience. This is the pair for those who want the ease of switching right from their thousand dollar DAC straight to their TV eARC, without skipping a beat.

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