Mola Mola

Kula integrated Amplifier


An integrated amp with performance that belies size. The Kula integrated amplifier from Mola Mola is sleek, compact, and classy. As much a piece of art as audio equipment, this amp will handle your most demanding speakers, and look good while doing it.

The Kula Integrated Amplifier

Beautiful, lush curves, with a clean and enchanting sound— what more could you ask for? Kula is an a la carte modular design creating a fusion of highly technical features, including an incredibly transparent line stage, a staggering amount of EQ settings, and a highly acclaimed discrete DAC with incredible specs. Six separate inputs combined with highly advanced software gives you unprecedented control over your listening experience; be it vinyl, digital, or both!

Kula Additions

Optional additions to the Kula include the Mola Mola Phono stage, and the Mola Mola DAC. The Mola Mola phono stage is incredibly quiet— unlike the more common arrangement of an MC head amp feeding into the MM stage, the two stages are fully independent, realizing an equally short signal path for both. Input resistance and capacitance are individually switchable. Available EQ settings cover practically all known cutting curves used, including most 78RPM. All settings are software controllable, either on the fly using a smart-phone and tablet via the Mola Mola Remote app or directly stored under the preset buttons. The preamp can be configured to route any input through the phono stage, allowing you to have multiple turntables and cartridges connected.

The Mola Mola DAC was designed from the ground up to be 10 years ahead of the performance curve. To accomplish this, Mola Mola’s DAC is designed using circuits and digital algorithms that were entirely developed in house. On the first board, all incoming digital audio is upsampled to 3.125MHz/32 bits and converted to noise shaped PWM. On the other board are two mono DACs, in which a discrete 32- stage FIR DAC and a single-stage 4th order filtering I/V converter, convert the PWM into analogue with a breathtaking 130dB SNR. This is near the theoretical limit for 24-bit files and far beyond that of even quad-speed DSD. Uniquely, distortion remains below the noise floor even for full scale signals. A quick look at current and historic trends of high-end IC’s indicates that for the foreseeable future this kind of performance will remain unavailable to manufacturers forced to rely on the same “chip du jour” that also powers their competitors’ products. Even by today’s exacting standards, extraordinary care has been taken to deal with jitter. Mola Mola’s DAC uses a home-grown asynchronous upsampling algorithm whose input frequency measurement slows down rapidly until after a few seconds of lock, the frequency ratio measurement is frozen. Frequency stability is then wholly determined by the internal clock, a laboratory grade 100MHz SC-cut oscillator. This is effectively an atomic clock sans the physics package.




3 balanced and 3 unbalanced inputs, selectable by switch and software

2 Pairs of Furutech binding posts. Directly connected to the amplifier PCB using Kubala·Sosna cable.

All inputs routable through optional processor boards like the phono stage

Processing balance and input gain offset

Phase invert and mono sum

Full software control of routing and processing

Mastering mode


Maximum input level: 20dBu (7.75Vrms)

Input impedance: 100kohm

Unweighted Signal/Noise Ratio: 113dB

2x 150W/8R @1% 1kHz, 2x 300W/4R @1% 1kHz

2x 100W/8R @0.0005%, 2x 200W/4R @0.00075%, 1kHz

Output Impedance: 2mΩ – 7mΩ (20-20kHz) (measured directly on binding posts)

Bandwidth 50kHz @ -3dB

Gain resolution: <1dB, better than 0.2dB over normal listening range


6 programmable presets

(premium) Remote control

Mola Mola Remote app

Roon Ready (if DAC option fitted)


Mola Mola Phono stage

Mola Mola DAC


420mm (W) x 110mm (H) x 370mm (D). Depth includes volume knob and connectors. 11kg

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