Levar Resonance

Levar Resonance Magnetic Absorbers --- Non-Height Adjustable


Levar Resonance offers cutting edge technological design to allow your audio equipment to operate at its best. Utilizing unique magnetic structures, Levar has created a product that will mitigate harmful vibrations from your speakers to the floor, and vice versa. 

Eliminate feedback, and hear your music the way its supposed to sound. 

LR5 Non-Adjustable: $650

LR10 Non-Adjustable: $800

LR16 Non-Adjustable: $900

LR50 Non-Adjustable: $1450

LR5-NA Optimal Weight: 35 Pounds

LR10-NA Optimal Weight: 70 Pounds

LR16-NA Optimal Weight: 114 Pounds

LR50-NA Optimal Weight: 350 Pounds

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