MSB Technology M205 Mono Amplifier


Following the resounding triumph of the S202 Stereo Amplifier, there was a significant demand for an enhanced mono amplifier housed in the same compact chassis.

The M205 takes the remarkable performance of the S202 to the next level by incorporating an improved input stage and doubling the power supply transformers and capacitors. This leads to a remarkable enhancement in sound quality, offering a greater sound-stage definition, vocal authenticity, and instrument solidity from the very first notes.

The M205 harmoniously complements MSB DACs with exceptional ultra high dynamic range through optimized architecture in crucial aspects of audio performance, power supplies, and ultra low-noise design. 

With the inclusion of two substantial, custom-designed, low-noise, high-current toroidal transformers and robust high-current output buffers, the M205 amplifiers deliver a transparent, holographic listening experience that remains entirely free from fatigue. This guarantees consistent performance, even when driving demanding speaker setups.

Incorporating a discrete architecture, the M205 boasts a Class-A matched impedance input stage. This leads to a product that minimizes signal reflections, input noise, and distortion while maximizing power transfer and dynamic range within a zero negative feedback framework. Every component was carefully selected for both its sonic excellence and long-lasting durability, guaranteeing the enduring quality of your amplifier.
"While we’re committed to long lasting products that hold their value, we realize audio systems are always evolving. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer up to 100% trade-in value for existing MSB products when upgrading to a higher performing series.

If you currently have an MSB DAC or amplifier that you love–but are looking to experience more from your system–please reach out to your local dealer. We’ll build a personalized offer for your existing MSB products that count towards a new DAC or amplifier.

Let us do the work of refurbishing and finding your current electronics a new home–they’ll continue to be enjoyed for years to come."

--MSB Technology

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