Perlisten Audio D212s


The D215s’ little brother; but not so little. Another pure expression of THX bass in a slightly more lean package—slightly. An incredible expression, taking after its brother.

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Ground up drivers developed by Perlisten’s team of engineers. Carbon fiber composite diaphragms, multiple aluminum shorting rings, massive magnets, multi-layer Nomex spiders and lightweight aluminum voice coil wire are the key ingredients – Proprietary nonlinear modeling techniques allow simulation of all these components and then optimization for real world driver performance – free air and in box.

Further refinement is done with the aid of Klippel laser measurements to dial things in. To take performance to another level, the push-pull drivers reduce even order harmonics distortion by an additional 10-12dB. Powered by a 3.0kW amplifier, all functions and safeties are controlled by a 48-bit data bath DSP and 32-bit ARM M4 Cortex processor, able to react in microseconds, and powerful enough to slam.

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All D-Series subs share a 2.4” LCD touchscreen display and ability to control advanced settings using Perlisten’s App. Certified by THX Dominus, The D-Series subs are the world’s first. A testament to the level of design and performance achieved.


“The audio performance of the R212s is excellent: extremely low distortion, ruler-flat response, remarkably low group delay, terrific low-frequency extension for a sealed subwoofer, and lots of output. There isn’t a single facet of performance where it is not exceptional. It is true that there are less expensive subs that can provide more raw headroom, but not so much when you factor in other aspects of the R212s such as size, feature set, finish, and build quality. These other strengths combined with the audio performance are why this thing costs so much. ”

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