Perlisten Audio R7t


A flagship R-Series to fill larger rooms based on the trickle-down technology from the S-Series. The second-best two-channel system in Perlisten’s line-up still rivals most competitor’s flagship. Employing the same DPC array and long-excursion woofers for extremely low distortion, along with the beam forming controlled directivity down to 500Hz, make this a full-range masterpiece only rivaled by the award-winning S7t.

Price of $4,995 is for a single (1) speaker, for a total of $9,990 per pair.

Designed as a stand alone 2ch high fidelity speaker with the versatility to be used as part of multi-channel systems. Sharing “trickle-down” technology from our flagship S-Series, the DPC-Array here based on three 26mm domes, guarantees excellent directivity control and timbre matching with all R-Series speakers.

In The Details

The Silk diaphragms developed ground up, chosen specifically their smooth, effortless representation of midrange and treble. The 165mm woofers are made from proprietary HPF pulp, two years in development, bringing new technology to one of the oldest materials used in loudspeaker design. The R7t can be aligned as bass reflex or acoustic suspension depending on specific tastes. Rich, dynamic bass matched with advanced mid/treble directivity pattern control and silky highs offer best in class performance.


“If you have the impression I enjoyed the Perlisten R7t speakers, I have done my job. While the company’s larger and more expensive S7t speakers get you more from top to bottom and in between, the R7t stand firm on their own ground, offering a fertile foundation from which music emerges in captivating form. Color me impressed by Perlisten (again).”

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