REL T-5x


REL Acoustics T/5x is a perfect entry into the REL lineup, and one that will enhance a small to medium listening space. The x series is a very noticeable improvement over the past Ti models. REL continues to improve their products, but this time they did it without a huge price increase. Truly remarkable!

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Incredible performance in an elegant new size, the T/5x builds on the previous generations “T/5”, with remarkable results.

Floor firing and beautifully discrete, the T/5x will fill small and medium rooms with substantial bass; offering a larger throw than its predecessor and playing music with more power, detail, and finesse.

For a gorgeous subwoofer that compliments your audio system, the T/5x comes at an incredibly hard to beat price, with the performance to back it up.


• Closed Box Down Firing Driver

• 8” FibreAlloy Driver with a 200mm throw, inverted alloy dust cap, and a steel chassis

• Low Frequency Extension: -6dB at 32 Hz

• Inputs- High Level Neutrik Speakon, Low Level Single RCA, LFE RCA

• Outputs- None

• Power Output- 125 Watts (RMS)

• Class A/B Amplifier

• Arrow, Zero Compression, Single Large Scale Integrated Chip Wireless Capability

• Protections: Set Safe will detect clipping and stop the audio signal from reaching your Subwoofer. Contains a D.C. Fault and an Output Short.

• Dimensions: 11.8 x 12 x 12.3 in., (300 x 307 x 313 mm) (WxHxD)

• Mains lead, 10 Meter Nominal Speakon Cable, and a User Manual Included

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